Need more skilled candidate resumes? We offer an integration with Resume-Library that provides you with a huge pool of fresh resumes from across all sectors and states (and even in the UK!). 

Once you have enabled this feature in your Account Details, you will get access to search and view redacted job-seeker resumes for free! Direct candidate contact details inside their resumes can then be unlocked for a low cost - when needed and as many times as needed. You can enable this feature for free by going to Your Account > Account Details and selecting the Resume-Library icon under Integrate at the very bottom of the page (shown below). You will then have a literal library of skilled candidates - at your fingertips!

The screenshot below is from inside the Resume-Library page.

Once you have activated Resume-Library, inside the Resume-Library page, you will find a brief description and a section of plan options available in order to start viewing resumes. This is the number of resumes you will be able to unlock per month.

Once you have enabled Resume-Library, you can search resumes from within any online or offline job without even choosing a plan first! To view these resumes, simply click on the ‘View Applicants’ button for each individual job straight from your dashboard/home page. Once in the View Applicants page, you can click on the ‘More Candidates’ button to begin viewing redacted resumes. You can also filter your search for candidates based on a location range, the nearest city, last active status, or willing to relocate. You can also sort by Relevance or Date.

You can click on ‘View Resume’ for a redacted copy of the candidate’s resume to review their skills and qualifications. If you wish to communicate with the candidate, you can press ‘Unlock Resume’, as shown below. Pressing 'Unlock Resume' will send the candidate to your 'New Applicants' list inside the corresponding job as a new Applicant Profile. Each time you press unlock, this will use (1) of the credits from your monthly plan.

Now you are all set to start browsing resumes and finding qualified candidates!