We are happy to partner with DISA/Crimcheck, which allows you to be able to select and purchase background checks for specific applicants in a fully integrated, easy manner. 


1. Find the applicant that you want to conduct a background check on, click on the select action button and select Request Background Check from the dropdown menu.

Or, if you are in the applicant's profile, you can click on Verify and select Background Check from the dropdown menu.

2. To get started, you must first accept the Compliance and Service Agreement. You will only have to do this step once for your entire account. (Note: you must have a credit card on file in your account in order to process your background check request. If you need to add a credit card to your account, go to Your Account, select Account Details from the dropdown menu and click on Update Billing Information and enter your credit card details.)

3. Then you are ready to select the desired background check package.

4.  Next, select the desired options for the particular package you've chosen.

5. Read and certify the Terms of Service.

6. Review and place your order.

7. Your background check request will be sent to your applicant for authorization. Once the applicant has completed the background check request form and DISA/Crimcheck has processed it, you will see a notification on your Dashboard that your applicant's background check is ready for you to review. Processing time is typically 2-3 business days, but can vary depending on response times from the state agencies involved.

8. After clicking on the magnifying glass on the Dashboard notification, you will be able to view the background check, by selecting the Restricted Files tab within the Application Viewer. Note: Account Owners and Admins have access to view Restricted Files by default. You can customize the Roles and Permissions for other user types. 

9. You can send the requesting manager background check completion email notifications by clicking on the Menu Icon and going to Account Details, scrolling down to the Customize & Design section and clicking on Notifications. Click on the switch to turn notifications ON or OFF. 

That's how easy it is!

Adverse Action

Occasionally you may find yourself in a position where the results of a background check require the need to send an adverse action notice to an applicant. This can be done through our provider. To request an adverse action letter to be sent, please open a support ticket with the request, including the applicant's name and email address. Support will confirm your request and order the letter for you. There is a $15.00 fee for this action.