We keep you in the loop with your active job listings by sending out weekly summary emails to any users that are set up as Hiring Managers on the job posting. See a sample weekly summary email below. If you want to start receiving these summary emails, you just need to make sure you're added to the job posting as a Hiring Manager

If you are an Account Owner or Admin level user, you can add yourself as a Hiring Manager to any job posting in your account. If you are a Manager level user, you will automatically be added as a Hiring Manager to any new job postings you create. If you are a Reviewer or Read-Only level user, you'll need to have either a) your Account Owner, b) another Admin level user or c) a Manager level user who is already listed as a Hiring Manager on the job posting add you to the job posting as a Hiring Manager. 

Click here for more information on how to add users as Hiring Managers to a job posting.

Sample Weekly Summary Email: