Here are some frequently asked questions and answers around background screening services provided by DISA/Crimcheck.

How many addresses are searched for criminal records? The applicant only provides a current and previous address, so how are additional addresses found? DISA/Crimcheck searches the address history provided and also processes a social security number trace, which provides the DISA/Crimcheck team with any additional addresses for the given applicant. DISA/Crimcheck processes all jurisdictions returned for the flat fee listed in our fee schedule.

How will additional jurisdictions impact the delivery time of the background report? More jurisdictions could impact the turnaround time, however, the majority of reports should be returned within 24-48 hours. 

What does an education verification include? It includes verification of the highest educational degree obtained.

What does an employment verification include? It includes either the two most recent employers or the previous five years of employment, whichever comes first.

What if an applicant has an alias? Is there an additional charge? On the standard packages listed on our fee schedule, there is no additional charge to process an applicant with one or more aliases.