When posting a position the system and most job boards require that you include a minimum of a city and state for the location of the position, even if that position is remote. 

As the job market adapts to the greater number of people working remotely, the job boards will adapt as well. For now, these are the tips that work within the guidelines of most job boards. 

Here are some helpful tips for posting your Remote positions:

  1. Add Remote to the job title. i.e Senior Software Engineer (Remote).
  2. Make sure you check the box for Remote when creating or editing a job description (see image below).
  3. Include the remote status in the job description. Some job boards use an algorithm to search for that word and will then will pick up on the status.
  4. Some job boards (like LinkedIn and Craigslist, for instance) will allow you to sponsor your job multiple times, in different metropolitan areas. If your budget allows, post the job to any area that has a large market for your industry.
  5. Is there a Remote Only job board that caters to your industry? Choose the "Other Job Board" option to request manual postings to this board.