Learning Objectives

After completing this module, you will be able to:

  • Successfully order a background check
  • Successfully order a reference check
  • View the results of any of the above items that you purchase


  • Your user role must have permission to send background check requests and send reference check requests. 
  • Your account must have a credit card on file IN THE ATS to take advantage of any of these services. To add a card to your account, please see: How to add or replace the credit card on your account
  • Some accounts have these features hidden. To check, please navigate to Account Details > Feature Management and if either of these features are toggled ON to hide, you will need to change that setting before you can proceed.


Your Verify Tab

In the applicant profile, you will see a Verify tab. When you click on that tab, you will find options for ordering a background check and a reference check. If you have any integrations in place from Partner Marketplace, some of those will appear in this menu as well. 

    These tools can help you ensure you select the candidate that will be the best fit for the position.


Background Checks and DISA/Crimcheck

Your account may offer pre-employment verification and background screening services through our partnership with DISA/Crimcheck. DISA/Crimcheck is an organization committed to protecting your brand. DISA/Crimcheck offers the following background check packages/services through your account:

    Complete Package — Additional Info:

  • Education verification: Includes verification of the highest educational degree
  • Employment verification: Includes either the two most recent employers or the previous five years of employment, whichever comes first

Additional state-mandated fees for criminal searches will be included in your invoice if the search subject's jurisdiction falls in the following states:

  • Maine
  • South Dakota
  • Vermont
  • Montana
  • Wyoming
  • New York

These fees will be disclosed to you before you complete your order.

NOTE: You can also request expidited processing for an additional fee, but we do not recommend adding it when a Drug Screening is selected. Drug Screenings cannot be rushed and will delay delivery of your rush order.

Ordering a background check

    1.  Click on the View Applicant button to select the applicant for whom you want to conduct a background check. 

    2. In the application viewer, click on Verify, then select Background Check from the drop-down menu. 

3. To get started, first fill out your company's basic info and accept the Compliance and Service Agreement(Note: You must have a credit card on file in your account in order to process your background check request. Please see: How to add or replace the credit card on your account)

4. Select your desired background check package (click "Remove" if you add the wrong one) and then click Next.

5. Select your desired options for the particular package you've chosen, then click Next.

6. Read and certify the Terms of Service, then review and place your order.

Your applicant will be sent an email for additional details and authorization. Once the applicant has completed the background check request form and DISA/Crimcheck has processed it, you will see a notification on your dashboard that the background check is ready for you to review.

Processing time is typically 2–3 business days but can vary depending on response times from the state agencies involved.

After clicking on the magnifying glass on the dashboard notification, select the Restricted Files tab within the Application Viewer to view the background check. 

We have also made it very easy to set a workflow action to automatically request a background check when an applicant is marked as hired. To set your workflow to automatically request a background check:

  • Go to Account Details. 
  • Scroll down to the Customize & Design section and click Workflow
  • Scroll down to the Applicant Hired Automations section. 
  • Click to Enable Automatic Background Checks.
  • Click the Select Background Check Package button to automatically request your desired background check for each applicant marked as hired. Note: If you do not choose a package, Automatic Background Checks will be disabled.

Reference Checks

Checking applicants' references can help assess their compatibility for the position, their previous reliability, and their performance in the workforce. This can help you solidify the right choice for your company. Our partnership with SkillSurvey will allow you to do that. To order a reference check for an applicant, select the Verify tab as you would for the background check. Select Reference Check in the drop-down window. A pop-up will appear:


Once you select the Order Reference Check button, an email will be sent to your candidate with instructions for how to submit references electronically. Once they have submitted references, the system will send the references a survey to complete based on a profile created around the position you are hiring for. Once the references have sent their responses, a copy of the report will be emailed to you and uploaded to the restricted files of the applicant's profile. Our Support Team will update you every 3-5 days with the status of your Reference Check, so pay attention to your inbox and reply if action is requested. 

Let's Recap:

You can verify applicants through the system in three ways: Order background checks and order reference checks. Each of these items is located conveniently under the Verify tab in the Applicant Profile.


  1. Results from the background check and reference check will be uploaded to the ____________ section of the applicant's profile. 

a. Applicant Info, Dashboard

b. Verify, Notes

c. Restricted Files, Files

        2. Background checks can be set to automatically send after you select "Mark as Hired" on an applicant's profile. 

    a. True

    b. False

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